Your business logo shows the quality of what you aim to deliver and the values and personality of your business. It’s the essence of what you do and how you deliver it.

The way your clients will come to view your business is a culmination of their experience with you, their perception of you and the reputation that precedes you.

So it’s important that your customers can recognise your business at a glance. A great logo design, complete with branding guidelines, will be a visual stamp that signals your presence to the world. It’s important to get it right – your logo will appear on every bit of marketing and communication you put out, so it needs to represent you aesthetically.

If you’re starting out, let’s talk about how our logo design process can be the first step in presenting your exciting new business to the world.

For businesses and organisations looking to relaunch or refresh their marketing, a new logo is a must. It will breathe new life into your communications and be a megaphone-sized signal to your clients that your business is moving to a whole new level.

Our logo design service makes sure your logo fits your business. Much more than a pretty picture, a brand logo needs to represent the values, style and ethos of a business.  Your logo needs to work hard for you, which is why our designers consult extensively with each client to gain a thorough understanding of the business and target market. We’ll make sure your logo sends all the right signals to the people it needs to reach. As part of the consultation process you’ll receive concept designs that you can give feedback on in order to end with the perfect design.

The logo deck includes several iterations of the design, a colour-way to use in all your marketing, and brand guidelines that will keep your communications on track. The logo variations and colour-way options will enable your design to slide easily onto any format you need it to – from business cards to T-shirts, email footers to newsletter headers.

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